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Household air purifier effect is good?

    Often watch the news online friends, there will be such a feeling. Is often can see reported that city PM2.5 and watch, and smog in Beijing. This article can say plenty of air pollution, outdoor air pollution is so serious, so indoor air?
        Actually indoor air is very bad, because of outdoor air pollution can you see, but we can't see the indoor air pollution. Indoor air pollution source is mainly after decorating is formaldehyde pollution. "In addition to formaldehyde, also can make indoor air turbidity using air conditioning, central air conditioning more breeds" legionella bacteria ", make the person suffering from "office building syndrome". Although, often open the window ventilation is an effective method to improve air quality. But, don't forget, outdoor haze, dust, PM2.5 will be as you open a window for air float into your home. So using air purifier can yet be regarded as a good a good way to purify air pollution.

    The working principle of air purifiers very similar to the water purification equipment. Air purifier by activated carbon, HEPA fiber filter material, such as repeatedly to indoor air filter, the difference is inner loop air purifier by powerful inner loop air purification technology, can make indoor air circulation up quickly. How fast and efficient air purification effect, even a small corner of the room is not falling.
    Under normal circumstances, the ordinary families when decorating, use a large number of woodiness material, and the wooden material, furniture will produce formaldehyde pollution. So we buy air purifier is best choice with eliminate formaldehyde air purification products.
        Say so many, as people are most concerned about, is what air purifier can improve indoor air quality? One indoor environment monitoring center, said, the head of the air purifier is not everything, but it has a certain effect to improve indoor air. It can filter out timely formaldehyde, volatile out of indoor bacteria, dust, PM2.5 also can achieve a good filtering effect. Ordinary people is generally difficult to feel the air purifier purification effect, but through specialized testing equipment of the air pollution levels before and after the use, comparing the test results to understand to the purification of the air purifier do propaganda effect.
        For the present air pollution situation, in the case of conditional buy air purifier can yet be regarded as an inner loop is a good choice, after all, health is priceless.

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