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The history of air purifier

    In 1823, John and Charles dean invented a new type of smoke protection device, when can make the firemen in the fire smoke.

    In 1854, a man named John. TengHaoSi people invented in predecessors on the basis of new progress again: through several attempts, he learned to adding charcoal air filter can filter out harmful and toxic gases from the air.

    During world war ii, the U.S. government began for radioactive material study, they need to develop a way to filter out all harmful particles, to keep the air clean, enable scientists to breathe, so the HEPA filters arises at the historic moment. In the 20th century, 50 s and 60 s HEPA filters was once very popular, is very popular with shelter design and construction personnel. As a forerunner of the air purifier is very useful!

    Into the 1980 s, the focus of air purification has turned to air purification, such as household air purifier. The past filter in removing the stench in the air, toxic chemicals and toxic gas is very good, but cannot remove mould spore, the virus or bacteria, and the new family and office use ozone air purifier, not only can clean the toxic gases in the air, also can purify air, remove the bacteria, viruses in the air, dust, pollen, mold spores, etc.

    Of course, today's the progress of science and technology is so fast, air purifier also all too clear! Environmental pollution in recent years, new flu, indoor air pollution, the emergence of a series of problems lead to the development of global air purification equipment. Mr. Lixin also saw the opportunity at the same time also feel air pollution bring physical harm, air purifier r&d team in 2010, 5 years has developed the first domestic circulation within the air purifier products.

    Air purifier in recent years has become the world's home appliance market high-profile and popular hot products. The world's major appliances enterprises and air purification equipment professional companies have different degrees of expanding the capacity of air purifier, product from function to extend affordable, high form a relatively complete goods.

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