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How the inner loop air purifier purify air
           The principle of different brands, different models of air purifier is also different, but after all the same! Mr. Lixin only select one of them as introduced in here! Introduce circulate air purifier model is Mr. Lixin TTBT - 700 - a, by the way, understand the air purifier is also should be aware that there are more and more brand, which also has a lot of the traditional in the domestic brands, though not the best, but decided to stand the test of our products). Nonsense not say, you know!
            First circulate in our air purifier by strong fan will pollute the air suction machine, through the built-in five heavy filter to filter the air pollution, the first for the early effect filter, main filter large size particles in the air, dust, hair. The second HEPA filter, and high efficiency can filter 99% of PM2.5, filter with high efficiency dust, cigarette smoke, bacteria, pollen, mites and radioactive particles, etc. The third for antibacterial filter, can prevent the HEPA filter use for a long time when the bacterium efficiently, make sure air is fresh. Fourth, cold catalyst filter layer can effectively remove sulfur dioxide, the harmful gas such as formaldehyde, benzene, have extremely strong anti-pollution sterilization and deodorization functions. Fifth heavy for activated carbon filter, made from coconut shell activated carbon surface strong adsorption capacity, adsorption was carried out on the gas concentration, conversion ChengXinXian air directly after purification.
           In this way, through five heavy pollution of the air filter becomes, fresh air, and then through the outlet air purifier strong blow the fresh air to each a corner of the room. Pollute the air in the room in the corner of the other pollution gas was pumped into the air purifier again through the filter with purification, to achieve a purification function of the inner loop.
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