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Air purifier have radiation? Harmful to pregnant women?

    At present, the growing air pollution, air pollution bring harm to our health, may everyone has felt. Faced with air pollution at this time there are a lot of people choose to proactive, purchased the air purifier for your home. Air purifier can help us clean air pollution, let us to breathe the fresh air, so now a lot of families put air purifier became necessary article.

    When it comes to air purifier, due to the different user types, also caused many users to air purifier. Today want to say is that many pregnant women very concern, air purifier have radiation? Make a difference to the baby?
    Air purifier as household appliances, and our home appliances such as television, water heater, is the same, if from the point of view of a very professional is a little radiation, because surely no radiation household appliances who dare say, is only the size of the radiation values, such as home microwave oven, microwave oven is radiation, we can refer to use a method when using such radiation can be effectively avoided.
    Actually in our daily life household, radiation is everywhere, whether in household electrical appliances, or mountains, rivers and so on are radioactive substances, has radiation, air purifier itself also has radiation, relative to, smaller values of the radiation.
        Strictly speaking, as long as it is electrical appliances will have the electromagnetic radiation, this is inevitable, but the general small household electrical appliances electromagnetic radiation damage to human body is very small, the extent of the basic can be ignored. So is the same as the air purifier, its radiation is negligible, so to speak. So we can rest assured the safe use.
        Finish see the interpretation of the above, I think you already know exactly have radiation to the air purifier, in pregnant women have hurt!!!! Air purifier can pollute the air filter, for us to let our body is clean air inhaled, basically for pregnant women and babies, is absolutely good, so don't worry about any radiation.

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